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Preamble/ Intro

Extraordinary Hospitals of Africa is a boutique consultancy based in South Africa. My partners and I bring more than 250 years of collective healthcare experience to healthcare teams wishing to grow and excel. We examine every aspect of your organization to evaluate the essence of your business, to determine what holds you back, and to inspire your Team for your extraordinary future. We align people with systems in order...

Our Services

Financial Systems Review and Design

We design and implementing financial management systems, policies and protocols to mitigate risks an

Information Technology

We design and implement Integrated Operating Platforms.

Healthcare and Hospital Information System

We design and implement human resource management solutions which optimise talent and provide develo

Human Resource Management Systems Review and Design

We design and implement human resource management solutions which optimise talent and provide develo

Patient- and Care-centric Systems

We review and re-align patient and care-centric hospitals with specific reference to administration

Clinical Governance

We review, design and implement clinical policies, protocols and standards to support best practice

What our clients say about us

Ken Osei

Principal Investment Officer, Health & Education Sector -Lead Africa; International Finance Corporation (IFC)

In my role at the IFC, I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Augusta Dorning. She is a consummate professional, driven, passionate, and deeply knowledgeable about the healthcare sector. Dr. Dorning is able to provide a strong mix of strategic insights for businesses in the sector, identify growth and investment opportunities, and provide recommendations for operational, quality and performance improvements for businesses operating in the healthcare sector.

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Dr Ryan Noach

Chief Executive Officer Discovery Health

Your skills and experience will be highly valuable to your future clients.

Keith Bonsall

Specialist Healthcare Consultant

Everything you do brings undoubted success.

Thava Govender

Managing Partner The Sacrum Institute

Extraordinaire! You will create a huge impact for hospitals in Africa.

Saul Behrmann

Chief Operating Officer Medi-Response

A great team blessed with a brilliant individual in Augusta.

Ric Martin

Director – Ric Martin Incorporated

Augusta – wow! Your work ethic, passion and professionalism is infectious. Keep paying it forward to improve our society and continent.

Professor Adolf Lowies

Chief Executive Officer and Founder – Gradworx Graduate Institute

Augusta spreads her special kind of light and care everywhere she goes like Fairy Dust and makes the world a better place.

Dr Letasha Kalideen

Specialist Physician

Augusta's value and worth to people and health is abundant. You have inspired and influenced anyone who has traversed your path. So grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

Pilar Fernandez Hermida

Founder - Expand and innovation thought leader

What a journey you have had so far -glad to be part of your network.

Dr Alicia Porter

Specialist Psychiatrist

Augusta is a real trailblazer, an inspiration. She epitomizes the saying we rise by lifting others up Privileged to have shared part of my journey under your care.

Our Associates and Endorsements

Meet our Team

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Mark Ally

Extensive experience across a broad range of strategy, transformation and process improvement, specifically in evaluating alternate service delivery options for improving performance and service delivery. Experience across a range of Public Private Partnership (PPP's) in the accommodation and healthcare space. Mark retired from PwC Advisory Services as a partner with effect from 30 June 2018, by which time he had spent just over 37 years at PwC with 19 of those as a partner. During his time at PwC, his responsibilities for the Southern Africa Region were amongst others: • Capital Projects and Infrastructure Leader; • Healthcare Advisory Leader; • Transport & Logistics Leader; • Client Relationship Partner for Transnet and Eskom; • Member of the Advisory Leadership Team; and thereafter • Member of the PwC Southern Africa Governing Board for two terms, ending in June 2018. Over the past 37 years, Mark has gained extensive experience in stakeholder engagement, strategy, transformation, process improvement, capital project portfolio management & optimisation, alternate service delivery mechanisms and public-private-partnerships. In his capacity as partner, Mark has led many multi-disciplinary engagement teams in most Government Departments (National, Provincial & Local) and State Owned Companies. Since retiring, he has been involved with the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital second PPP during the feasibility and initial procurement stages between January 2019 to June 2020. He was the PwC Partner responsible for the initial PPP project undertaken between 2000 and 2001. He has also been involved in the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital consulting assignment from March 2020 to June 2021. He has also chaired the Finance Committee of an HOA for a period of 18 months and is a member of the Board of the HOA since November 2021.

Tenley Cummings

I have a passion for brand development and enhancement. Over the years I have brought to life numerous brands, establishing the logo, values, messaging, marketing material, digital and social media platforms. Written and verbal communication is one of my strengths. Engaging with all stakeholder - staff, customers, suppliers, shareholders, governing bodies, the media - through all forms of communication is key to my role within an organisation. I enjoy the challenge of working in Africa and believe companies can use their unique business environment to create positive outcomes for all stakeholders. I have consulted to Almar Container Group for three years. We started with a brand DNA workshop which defined their vision and values. From here we created a new corporate identity and launched it globally (South Africa, Middle East, and East Africa). To improve SEO and target market relevance, I oversaw the development of a website for each region as opposed to one global website. I am responsible for the marketing strategy which includes the content creation plan, social media strategy, and SEO-optimised blogging. I have consulted to Community Chest Durban for two years. Once again, we started with a brand DNA workshop and defined their brand personality and communication tone. We created a new brand identity and website. Changing the perception of Community Chest will take time and I am responsible for ensuring consistent messaging (verbal and visual) across all platforms. I have compiled a Social Media Strategy with the following ranked goals: To target the right people and businesses i.e., those who can help empower and enhance the disadvantaged in our community. To educate the target market on the invaluable work they do and the long-term impact it makes on individuals and society. To change misunderstandings about the organisation – that it is a large, outdated institution that has a big staff complement and high overheads. This strategy includes four campaigns and the introduction of influencers whom I will source and manage. I have assisted Debbie Cameron Physiotherapy for the past 15 years and I consult mainly on business strategy and staff development. For the Compass Medical Waste Services Group, I developed a new corporate identity and as part of the brand strategy, I incorporated Medical in the company name to define the sole purpose of the business in the eyes of our internal and external customers. Brand credibility grew consistently during the five years that I was there. 4 000 copies of the industry magazine, The Compass CRUX, which I wrote were printed and distributed to key customers throughout SA. The articles also feature in our monthly e-newsletter, the Compass NewsFlash, which is emailed to 10 500 customers. This information was used in healthcare facilities’ internal SOPs and training. I established and grew Compass’ online presence through the development of a new website and LinkedIn page. The introduction of email signature adverts had a surprising impact on product sales. Stats showed a significant increase in the sale of the product and service featured in the signature advert during that month. I continuously improved communication with customers, staff, suppliers, governing bodies, shareholders, and the media. This involved generic and customer-specific videos, PowerPoint presentations, face-to-face communication, speech-making, staff and customer briefs, and press releases. I was the speechmaking and MC for Compass’ internal and external events. Being part of the core management team, I was involved in strategising costcutting solutions and improving efficiencies, improving the B-BBEE level through economic transformation, training and skills development, and establishing and maintaining the company culture. Our EXCO team was transparent and expected input from the core team on key business decisions. As a team, we are exposed to all areas of the business – finance, operations, warehouse, procurement, IR, HR, and IT. Marketing Consultant | Ten & Co | Januar I compiled business plans for entrepreneurs with the aim of establishing brand credibility, improving profit margins, and ensuring sustainability. I established corporate identities, brand personalities, and content plans for these businesses – clothing, catering, décor, healthcare, and financial services. I developed all areas of their brand – logo, tag lines, values, marketing material, and social media communication. Boosted their exposure through editorial coverage in business publications. I worked closely with NPOs to develop fundraising strategies and provide exposure and prominence in one of the most competitive industries in SA. I MC’ed fundraising events and hosted the media. I consulted to Compass as one of my clients from 2014 to 2015 when they convinced me to come on board full-time. As the Regional Manager for The Sunflower Fund from 2006 to 2012 I repositioned the organisation by establishing a new corporate identity, which, along with the extensive media coverage I secured, made The Sunflower Fund a household name. I opened the KZN branch and took this region from a zero base to R1.5 million ‘profit’ in the first year. KZN became the highest-earning branch through fundraising events, sponsorship, and donations from Trusts. Marketing Consultant | Tee Tree Communications | 1999 - 2006 I implemented activations for brands such as Dairy Belle. This involved point of sale material, tastings, competitions, co-ordinating promotional staff, their outfits, and their activities. I organised sales-driven promotions at JHI Managed Shopping Centres throughout KZN. I consulted to The Sunflower Fund as Tee Tree Communication for eight months between 2005 and 2006 before we realised I needed to be involved full-time to truly establish this brand in KZN. As the  Regional Marketing Manager for JHI from 1994 to 1999 I started as an assistant to the Regional Marketing Manager and was promoted when she moved to JHB. I was responsible for internal and external communications with a focus on media coverage. I was involved in the brand evolution from J H Isaacs to JHI and the transformation from JHI being an industrial, commercial, and residential property service provider to selling the residential arm to Wakefields.

Dr Augusta Dorning

Dr Augusta Dorning – Biography 2023