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What our Stakeholders say about us

Ken Osei

Principal Investment Officer, Health & Education Sector -Lead Africa; International Finance Corporation (IFC)

In my role at the IFC, I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Augusta Dorning. She is a consummate professional, driven, passionate, and deeply knowledgeable about the healthcare sector. Dr. Dorning is able to provide a strong mix of strategic insights for businesses in the sector, identify growth and investment opportunities, and provide recommendations for operational, quality and performance improvements for businesses operating in the healthcare sector.

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Dr Ryan Noach

Chief Executive Officer Discovery Health

Your skills and experience will be highly valuable to your future clients.

Keith Bonsall

Specialist Healthcare Consultant

Everything you do brings undoubted success.

Thava Govender

Managing Partner The Sacrum Institute

Extraordinaire! You will create a huge impact for hospitals in Africa.

Saul Behrmann

Chief Operating Officer Medi-Response

A great team blessed with a brilliant individual in Augusta.

Ric Martin

Director – Ric Martin Incorporated

Augusta – wow! Your work ethic, passion and professionalism is infectious. Keep paying it forward to improve our society and continent.

Professor Adolf Lowies

Chief Executive Officer and Founder – Gradworx Graduate Institute

Augusta spreads her special kind of light and care everywhere she goes like Fairy Dust and makes the world a better place.

Dr Letasha Kalideen

Specialist Physician

Augusta's value and worth to people and health is abundant. You have inspired and influenced anyone who has traversed your path. So grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

Pilar Fernandez Hermida

Founder - Expand and innovation thought leader

What a journey you have had so far -glad to be part of your network.

Dr Alicia Porter

Specialist Psychiatrist

Augusta is a real trailblazer, an inspiration. She epitomizes the saying we rise by lifting others up Privileged to have shared part of my journey under your care.